Turkey bombs ISIL, Turkey bombs Kurds, but still has no government

(Image:Karl-Ludwig Poggemann on Flickr)

PKK Kurds have killed two policeman they believe helped ISIL and in response Turkey has bombed Kurdish held areas in Iraq. So they are now bombing ISIL and Kurds across their border. The fragile ceasefire between PKK and Turkey appears to be disintegrating, just has the US has gained access to the crucial airstrip that could support Kurds fighting ISIL near Kobane. Complicating matters, the Turkish government is yet to form following the inconclusive 7th June elections, with ruling Conservatives unable to form a coalition with Kurds, Nationalists, or Secularists. Oddly, strong military action could shore up the conservative vote if a snap election is called to break the deadlock.

Dr M. Murat Yurtbilir

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