Saving manufacuring may just subsidise company profits: economists


As Julia Gillard met with union heads and manufacturing industry leaders today in Canberra, economists of all stripes were expressing skepticism that anything can be done to revive the industry’s fortunes.

The high Australian dollar has made our manufacturing exports expensive for other countries to buy, and it’s widely predicted that there will continue to be big job losses in manufacturing as a result.Unions and manufacturing companies are calling on the government to step in and help out, but some economists say that the only long-term winners in such a rescue may be the manufacturing companies.

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Monday, August 29 2011
Produced By Tim Roxburgh
Featured in storyStephen Bell, Professor in the School of Political Science and International Relations at the University of QueenslandMike Rafferty, Senior Research Analyst in the Workplace Research Centre at the University of SydneyNicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics

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