More than year into their positions as overseas Italian senators, Nino Randazzo and Marco Fedi are still battling to cover the issues of Italian citizens living in one of the largest political electorates in existence. It’s a unique political arrangement. Despite France and Portugal sharing similar overseas electorate systems, MPs living abroad don’t have the huge responsibility placed on the shoulders of these two men. The Italian born Australians live in Melbourne, but need to represent issues concerning expatriates living in Australia, Africa, Asia and Antarctica. Mr Fedi, a centre-left lower house MP, is currently in Rome to talk about these issues in parliament. He explains how he manages to juggle the demands of his electorate. Meanwhile film writer and director Teresa Crea gives her opinion on how the senators are faring. Professors Bruno Mascitelli and Simone Battiston from Swinburne University of Technology have been following the senators’ movements closely. Professor Machitelli agrees the unique political arrangement has its benefits and drawbacks.


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