The May Train Reigns – new UK Election polls

British Prime Minister Theresa May

New UK polling for the June 8 general election shows that support for minor parties are slipping.  It had been expected that with the Liberal Democrats being the only major party to advocate remaining in the European Union, they would pick up support, yet this seems not to have materialised.

The Labour party shambles continues, with the parliamentary party largely in revolt against leader Jeremy Corbin, although he has had a recent filip in the polls bringing the projected Labour vote to 32%.  Although this is a really low result, it is a magic number for Jeremy, as this puts him ahead of the performance of previous leader Ed Milliband in the 2015 election, and that is about as much as he can hope for in this election.

The Scottish Nationalists have also seemed to have backed the wrong horse with the policy of demanding another independance vote with Scottish Conservatives looking to pick up seats on current projections.

Theresa May’s Conservatives look set for a big win.

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