Gender and Development experts celebrate quotas for female parliamentarians in PNG


A bill has been passed in Papua New Guinea’s parliament which creates 22 new seats exclusively for women.

Dame Carol Kidu, the only current female parliamentarian, has been pushing for the bill for over six years. With the support of the current government, it passed with only two dissenting votes. The Wire talked to five women working in development about the strategy behind putting the bill in place to create a positive change for women.

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Tuesday, November 29 2011
Produced By Farah Ahmed
Featured in storyDr Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes - Professor of Women’s Studies and Development Studies at Fliders UniversityDr. Diann Rogers Healy - Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women .Dr. Sharon Bessell - Researcher at Australian National UniversityOrovu Sepoe - Advisor for the Center for Democratic Instituions' Women Candidate Training in Papa New Guinea

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