10 Year Olds In Jail? Experts Challenge Lawmakers To Increase Minimum Age


A wealth of evidence suggests incarcerating youths at the minimum age of 14 causes the least harm in child development, and can help prevent these individuals reoffending as adults. But, Australia seems to be lagging behind the times since it has a minimum incarceration age of 10. Queensland Minister of Child Safety, Youth, and Women Di Farmer, among many other political representatives, have been invited to take part in a roundtable meeting today with various experts on the subject of the minimum age of incarceration.

We managed to talk to some of those experts, and learn exactly how this affects youth, and its implications are causing harm to indigenous children.

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Wednesday, September 19 2018
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Featured in storyBelinda Lowe, Amnesty International's Indigenous Rights CampaignerRandal Ross, Red Dust HealingProfessor Chris Cunneen, criminologist from the University of Technology SydneyJanet Hammill, Honorary Fellow and Expert in Alcohol Related Development Disorders

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