The People’s Democratic Republic of China isn’t the most relaxed government with its local media… but, as of last weekend, controls have also been imposed on foreign media within the country. On Sunday the state media agency Xinhua (sin-hwa) issued new regulations, saying that all foreign news agencies have to distribute their information through Xinhua.. or other organisations approved by Xinhua. The new rules cover information such as news or photos, and any information disrupting “China’s economic and social order, or undermining China’s social stability ” will be banned. Associated Press is one of the foreign media organisations affected. AP’s Hong Kong-based Director for Asia and the Pacific, Clay Haswell, was notified of the clampdown by email. The Wire asked him whether Sunday’s decision covers all types of information collected by AP. We also heard spoke to Feng Chong Yi, an Associate Professor of Chinese Studies at the Niversity of Technology, Sydney.

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