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Australia falling behind in providing affordable housing

Tuesday, November 5 2019

Housing is regarded as a human right by the United Nations, yet for many Australians, it’s a pressure point. For...

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Future students to suffer without a payrise for teachers

Monday, August 26 2019

Students with ATAR’s above 80 are neglecting teaching as a viable career option due to poor pay and limited career...

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Refugees plea for alternative to Temporary Protection Visa

Tuesday, August 13 2019

The Morrison Government has refused to allow refugees on Temporary Protection Visas to apply for permanent citizenship. On Monday, protesters...

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Julia André

Tuesday, August 13 2019

Julia has been very active as a journalist first on Razors Edge and now for The Wire

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Tuesday, June 21 2016

2016 Annie Hastwell Emma Lancaster Sarah Martin Steven Riggall Catherine Zengerer Bianca Banchetti Sam Baran Andrew Barclay Katie Brookes Samuel...

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A new form of recognition

Monday, April 13 2015

A new idea for Indigenous recognition was launched today. Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser’s ‘The Australian Declaration of Recognition’ proposes...

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Slipper and the HSU – double trouble for Labor

Thursday, April 26 2012

The Peter Slipper affair looks set to grow and further tarnish Julia Gillard’s reputation as it is a reminder of...

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Slipper standing aside gives hope for pokie reform, says Tim Costello

Monday, April 23 2012

As the speaker of the federal parliament stood aside over the weekend amid allegations of sexual harassment and fraud, many...

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2007 Budget doesn’t help Indigenous Australia

Wednesday, May 9 2007

Last week the Wire reported a one- billion-dollar plan for Indigenous people in Treasurer Costello’s Federal Budget. But the final...

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Beazley faces his party

Friday, December 1 2006

Rumours of discord within the Labor Party’s ranks were proved true today when Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard announced that...

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