Editorial Policy

The Wire takes an independent approach to current issues.

We offer critical coverage, which challenges all points of view, puts issues and events in context and always asks ‘why?’

The Wire will:

1.     Add to public awareness and understanding of important issues, by contributing new and useful information, analysis and comment.

2.     Cover a range of issues for a national audience: local, regional, state, national and Indigenous.

3.     Draw ideas and information as far as possible from communities, organisations, and individuals directly involved in social action or directly affected by policies, decisions or proposals.

4.     Concentrate on developments in areas such as the environment, education, social justice and global politics.

5.     Priorities the voices of people under-represented in social decision-making, including women, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, people on low incomes.

6.     Question and challenge the views of those with economic, social and political power, including representatives of government, corporations and authorities, as well as conventional wisdom.

7.     Concentrate on issues and events, rather than personalities, avoiding stories that are merely superficial or sensational.

8.     Translate and demystify language.

9.     Abide by the Community Radio Codes of Practice.


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