About The Wire

The Wire is a daily current affairs program, broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia.

The flagship national program for the community radio sector since 2004, The Wire is a significant alternative voice in Australian current affairs.

Radio listeners to local community and Indigenous radio are the foundation audience for The Wire.  More than 5 million people across Australia can tune into any weekday.

Our broadcast stations are spread across city, country and remote parts of Australia. They include including many remote Indigenous communities and places with no other broadcast media.

The Community Radio Network satellite and the CAAMA Radio satellite deliver the live program to more than 200 stations each weekday. Click here to find your local station.

Our online audience can subscribe to our whole program or story podcasts and connect via  our social media channels.

Want  a quick way to listen online?  Listen live online at 17.30pm Australia Central Time, by choosing Listen Online here.

Or listen to full programs from the last four weeks by choosing Listen Again here.

Who makes The Wire?

A consortium of progressive community broadcasters – Radio Adelaide, 2SER Sydney and 4EB Brisbane  – work together to co-ordinate, resource and develop The Wire as a key alternative information source. Station Managers Deborah Welch, Melanie Withnall and Peter Rohweder are the programs’s Executive Producers.

Each station employs co-ordinating producers and from each station community more than 100 community broadcasters are involved as story producers in any year.

Meet the current and past Co-ordinating and Story producers here.

The Wire team also includes correspondents from CAAMA in Alice Springs and RTR FM in Perth who each produce a story per week.

Who supports The Wire?

The three consortium stations – 2ser, Radio Adelaide and 4EB – provide facilities, resources, management and co-ordination.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia provides the original satellite broadcast and co-ordination through its Community Radio Network (CRN) and program data and ordering through its Digital Delivery Network (DDN).

CAAMA Radio makes the program available to all stations on its satellite network through rebroadcast.

Produced with the assistance of the Department of Communications, via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The Wire is produced in partnership by

Contributor Stations

Supporters and Program Distribution